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Poly-Peroxidase EIA Grade

Poly Peroxidase (Poly POD), EIA Grade from horseradish, lyophilizate

Descrição do Produto:

Poly Peroxidase is lyophilized in 10 mmol/L potassium phosphate, 50
mmol/l NaCl, 1 mmol/L EDTA, pH 6.1and saccharose as stabilizer.
Molecular weight: 0.8 ± 0.2 x 106 D (~ 20 POD-monomers)
Activation: Is accomplished by MHS (Maleimidohexanoyl-Nhydroxysuccinimide ester) ≥40 MH-groups per Poly POD (MH) are
accessible for conjugation with sulfhydryl groups.
Appearance: Red-brown lyophilizate
Solubility: Clear, red-brown solution in water (c= 5 mg/mL)
Specific activity (+25°C, ABTS): ≥600 U/mg
MH-groups: ≥2 (mol MH/mol POD)
Stability: At -60 to -90°C within specification range for 48 months.


Poly Peroxidase (Poly POD) is a marker enzyme enabling peroxidation of reduced dyes in the indicator reaction producing a color, fluorimetric or luminescent derivative of the labeled molecule for further detection and quantification.

Used in In Vitro Diagnostic tests and Life Sciences, Research & Development


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Poly-Peroxidase EIA Grade