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Phospholipase D

Phospholipase D from Streptomyces chromofuscus Phosphatidylcholine + H2O ---> Phosphatidic acid + Choline This enzyme is used for enzymatic determination of phospholipids in clinical analysis. If you need bigger quantities than indicated on the web site, please contact us for a personal offer.

Descrição do Produto:

Name: Phosphatidylcholine phosphatidohydrolase
Appearance: Brown powder lyophilized
Activity: 40U/mg-solid or more
Specific activity: 150U/mg protein or more
Stability: Stable at -20°C for at least 12 months
Molecular weight: approx. 57 000 by SDS electrophoresis
Isoelectric point: 5.1
Michaelis constant: 1.4×10-3 M (phosphatidylcholine)
Inhibitors: EDTA
Optimum: pH 7.0—8.5
pH stability: 6.0—10.0
Thermal Stability: Stable at below 60°C (pH 8.0, 10min)
Activators: Ca, Triton X-100, DOC, Adekatol S0-120
Contaminating: enzymes Catalase : < 0.6 % – Glucose oxidase : < 0.02 %
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Used in In Vitro Diagnostic tests and Life Sciences, Research & Development


< -20ºC


2 KU

10 KU

> 100 KU

Custom*: Escolha a quantidade desejada de forma personalizada, desde que seja acima de 100 KU. Exemplo: 200 KU.

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Phospholipase D