Enzytec Opens Representation In China

ENZYTEC, a leader in hosting and ANVISA registration services, takes a significant step in expanding its international connections by establishing representation in China. Recently, the company entered into an agreement with two renowned representatives in the country, Chen Tian (Chris) and Dan Zhai (Rosa), who will act as a link between ENZYTEC and the growing Chinese market.

This strategic partnership not only strengthens ENZYTEC’s global presence but also represents an important milestone for the regulatory sector, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and enhancing the efficiency of services provided.

Furthermore, the expansion to China enables ENZYTEC to have more direct access to the country, allowing the company to innovate and continuously improve its services. This collaboration with local representatives will also contribute to building a solid and sustainable network, based on trust and mutual cooperation, which will be an excellent benefit for the partnership and yet another competitive edge.

Finally, ENZYTEC’s initiative to open representation in China demonstrates its commitment to excellence and the pursuit of leadership in the global market.

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