Enzytec Develops Kits for Detection of Adulteration in Milk

Do you remember the many news stories that came out in 2009 about adulteration of milk?

In the midst of accusations, where manufacturers added components to correct fermented (soured) milk batches, Enzytec, in partnership with FAPEMIG, CETEC/SENAI and Biotécnica, coordinated and guided the technological development of laboratory reagents for the detection of adulterants in milk such as hydrogen peroxide and lactate (pH-independent fermentation detection), in addition to preliminary developments for the detection of Sodium and Potassium, coming from sodas and carbonates.

In the midst of the R&D work to solve the problem of adulterants, the opportunity arose to develop a kit for the detection of lactose in order to monitor its elimination process by verifying its presence in milk and dairy products. Currently, this product is used in the manufacture of “lactose free” products, intended for people who are intolerant to lactose.


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