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Enzytec develops complete line of liquid enzyme reagents for IVD

In 2015, we completed 10 years of experience as an outsourced R&D service company, working with partners such as Bioclin, Biotécnica and Katal, among others.

In that time, Enzytec developed a complete line of formulations with its own technology, of chemical and enzymatic reagents stable in liquid form, which allowed the advance in the use facilitated by the customer, avoiding the work of dilutions and reconstitutions by the user and accelerating the process of production of reagents, avoiding the handling of powders and lyophilization, an expensive and laborious process. Through this technology, it was also possible to apply it in bottles dedicated to automatic equipment, a strong market trend for laboratory diagnosis and still on the rise.

Enzytec aims to offer specialized services in research and development and regulatory affairs, in addition to collaborating in the optimal choice of raw materials for diagnostic and biotechnology companies.

Our differential is our greatest quality: being able to meet all your needs and make your business grow intelligently, providing R&D consultancy, conducting market research and managing the quality of products and processes.


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