Enzytec CEO Develops In Vitro Diagnostic Reagent for Early Renal Marker Detection in Dogs

In partnership with the UFMG Veterinary School, the CEO of Enzytec, Dr. Márcio Lacerda, along with Prof. Dr. Fabiola Paes-Leme developed a reagent capable of interacting with the early marker of acute kidney injury in dogs, the enzyme N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase (NAG).

The diagnosis of acute kidney injury by assessing the activity of the urinary enzyme NAG is an important tool because of its precocity, since the installation of the injury precedes the change in function. For this, studies were carried out in healthy dogs in order to evaluate the reference ranges of enzymatic activity in homeostatic organisms.

According to the results and from the demand created, Enzytec, in partnership with UFMG, developed a liquid and stable reagent for use in automatic laboratory biochemistry equipment to measure the presence of early enzymatic activity in dogs. With this, we make it possible for many dogs predisposed to the disease to be treated in advance. It's prevention to live well!


We thank Master Luiz Eduardo S. Tassini and advisor Profa. Dr. Fabíola Paes Leme for the invitation to be part of this solution!

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