Enzytec assists SAFETEST in obtaining ANVISA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification for In Vitro Diagnostics

As a reference in Regulatory Affairs consulting, Enzytec celebrates another achievement by aiding SAFETEST in attaining ANVISA GMP certification in the In Vitro diagnostics sector.

Enzytec, a leading Brazilian company in Regulatory Affairs consulting, proudly announces yet another significant achievement in its successful journey: supporting SAFETEST in obtaining ANVISA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification for In Vitro diagnostics.

The ANVISA GMP certification is an important milestone for any company operating in the health sector, as it attests to the commitment to the quality, safety, and effectiveness of its products and manufacturing processes. The attainment of this certification is a complex and challenging process that requires the adoption of rigorous standards and practices established by ANVISA.

Enzytec, recognized for its expertise in Regulatory Affairs and deep understanding of the Brazilian healthcare market, worked closely with SAFETEST, providing strategic guidance, technical support, and training to ensure compliance with ANVISA GMP requirements. The partnership between the two companies resulted in the successful acquisition of the certification, highlighting Enzytec’s role as a standout in the regulatory consulting sector.

SAFETEST, a national company specializing in In Vitro diagnostics solutions, now holds the esteemed ANVISA GMP certification, strengthening its market position and expanding its potential for operations both in Brazil and abroad.

This achievement is yet another testament to Enzytec’s dedication and commitment to providing high-level consulting services for national and international companies seeking to navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the healthcare sector in Brazil. Enzytec aims to continue supporting its clients, using its expertise and knowledge to facilitate the attainment of certifications and ensure compliance with current regulations, driving their partners’ success in the healthcare market.

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