MORE THAN 15 years Developing Technologies, Regularizing Companies and Registering Products

Founded in 2005, Enzytec came to the market to offer specialized services in research and development and regulatory affairs, in addition to offering international reference raw materials for diagnostics and biotechnology products. Our differential is the offer of a package of services and products that can be integrated, consulting for R&D, conducting connections and market research, registering products and implementing quality management.

Products registered
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Reagent formulations for
In Vitro assays
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Items between biomolecules, materials and equipment
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What moves us

Our Mission, Vision and Values


Provide research and development services, regulatory consultancy and distribution of key raw materials for the areas of In Vitro diagnostics and life sciences.


To be recognized as a platform for high quality products and services in the In Vitro diagnostics sector in Brazil.


Ethics and appreciation of its employees.

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